I have always had a soft sport for Display fireworkss. I have no idea why, to be honest. In general I do not like loud noises or sudden bright lights. But ever since I was a kid I have always liked a good, old-fashioned Display fireworks, full of bangs and flashes. One of my earliest memories is standing between my grandparents in Christchurch park in Ipswich, part of what seemed like a huge crowd of people, looking up into the sky and being amazed by the Display fireworks going on above my head. So when I turned 50 last year, I wasn’t going to take the risk of hoping that my friends or family were going to surprise me. I decided well in advance that I was going to organise my own Display fireworks. I now live in the Suffolk countryside, with plenty of space around my house, far enough that the nearest neighbours could never complain about a party. Although of course I invited them. So I had the space and the perfect opportunity to put on a once-in-a-lifetime Display fireworks of my own to celebrate my 50th birthday. I started the planning and organising. I sent out more than 100 invitations, all with plenty of time to be sure that almost everyone could attend. And then my next step was to get the fireworks. I wanted as many as I could get, with every different type. I wanted proper display fireworks, not small bangers. I’m lucky that I live close to one of the best firework shops around. Dynamic Fireworks in Ipswich (and also in Colchester, I believe) has plenty of choice. I told them all about what I was planning and they helped me out, explaining which were good display fireworks, but also advising me that some smaller fireworks help to make the Display fireworks complete.

The day of the big Display fireworks

I spent weeks making sure everything was organised properly, getting enough food, drink and plastic cups, but always with the big display in the back of my mind. I had a budget, and when the final days were approaching and the plans and organising were almost complete, it became clear to me that I had a fair amount of that budget left over. There was of course only one thing that I was going to do with that money! I didn’t have time to travel back to Dynamic Fireworks’ showroom, but fortunately I was able to place an order online at dynamicfireworks.co.uk. I chose several more spectacular display fireworks from their selection, with my budget going a long way thanks to their low prices, and placed my order. I knew this was a risk – there were only 5 days left until the party. But the website promised delivery in 3 days and they didn’t break this promise. Two full days in advance I had everything in place. I had arranged:

  • Tables and chairs;
  • A marquee;
  • Food and drink;
  • Music and lights;
  • And the all important super firework display.

My 50th birthday party was ready.

Everything went without a hitch

I have to admit that I was a little stressed about the big day. Not about the guests, the food or the music, but about getting the fireworks just right. I had everything planned and prepared down to a T, but I really didn’t want to mess this up. After darkness had fallen, it was time to begin. And thanks to the expert advice that I got from Dynamic Fireworks, everything went exactly as planned. The perfect party!

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